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Wafer processing: TorrLube is an ideal lubricant for use in vacuum systems during wafer processing, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection for your equipment.

Etching: TorrLube is resistant to most chemicals used in the semiconductor industry, making it an ideal choice for use in etching processes.

Cleaning: TorrLube's low vapor pressure and exceptional lubricity make it an ideal lubricant for use in cleaning processes, providing reliable performance and protection for your equipment.

Oxygen service: TorrLube is safe for use in oxygen service, making it an ideal choice for use in sensitive semiconductor applications.

Meet our TLC Semiconductor Products

TorrLube's TLC oil line is precision-engineered to provide optimal lubrication across extreme temperature and pressure gradients, ensuring consistent performance in ultra-high vacuum and challenging industrial enviroments.


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O-ring conditioning: Conditioning O-rings with TorrLube lubricants can enhance the surface of the O-ring, making it less permeable and more supple, providing a better seal and extending uptime.

Atmosphere and vacuum conditions: TorrLube's exceptional lubricity makes it ideal for use in both atmosphere and vacuum conditions, ensuring reliable performance and protection for your equipment.

Sensitive applications: TorrLube's nonflammable and non-reactive properties make it a reliable choice for even the most sensitive semiconductor applications.

Shelf life: TorrLube's infinite shelf life ensures that you always have a reliable vacuum oil on hand when you need it.





Low Vaporization

    Unrivaled Performance



Temperature stability: Lubricants used in aerospace and spacecraft applications must be capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. TorrLube TLC oils are engineered to operate reliably within a wide temperature range, from -17.6 to 689°F, making them a suitable choice for such applications.

Low vapor pressure: In vacuum environments common in aerospace and spacecraft applications, high vapor pressure can lead to contamination and reduced efficiency. TorrLube TLC oils possess a low vapor pressure, rendering them an optimal solution for lubrication in such environments.

Excellent lubricity: To minimize friction and wear in aerospace and spacecraft components, effective lubrication is essential. TorrLube TLC oils exhibit excellent lubricity, which enhances the longevity of these components.

Nonflammable and non-reactive: Ensuring safety is a key consideration in aerospace and spacecraft applications. TorrLube TLC oils are both nonflammable and non-reactive, guaranteeing their safe use in such applications usage in such applications. 

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Specialized. SpaceShield.


25+ years in industries

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Precisoned. Engineered.

Choose TorrLube's PFPE oils for your high-performance aerospace applications. Our advanced fluorine synthesizing technology ensures exceptional performance and durability, protecting your critical components and delivering reliable results. Trust in our dedication to innovation and quality engineering to take your aerospace systems to new heights.



Electron Microscopy

Optimal for High Vacuum Systems: Torrlube's PFPE lubricant product is the perfect choice for engineers in the electron microscopy industry who require optimal performance in high vacuum electron microscopy systems. Its low vapor pressure and excellent stability ensure that your equipment operates at its best.

High Thermal Stability: Trust Torrlube's PFPE lubricant product to deliver superior thermal stability for your electron microscopy applications. With unmatched high-temperature performance, it operates reliably and accurately even in demanding environments. 

Low Outgassing: In cleanroom environments and electron microscopy applications that require a low level of contamination, Torrlube's PFPE lubricant product is the way to go. With minimal outgassing properties, you can rest assured that your equipment will remain clean and contamination-free.

Non-Flammable: Safety is paramount in the electron microscopy industry, which is why Torrlube's PFPE lubricant product is non-flammable. This ensures that your equipment can operate safely, even in environments where the risk of fire or explosion must be minimized.

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Superior. Stability.

Engineers trust Torrlube's PFPE lubricant product for high-temperature electron microscopy applications. With superior thermal stability, it ensures reliable and accurate results even in demanding environments. Count on Torrlube to deliver the thermal stability you need for optimal performance in your electron microscopy equipment. Trust in Torrlube's expertise for your lubrication needs and experience top-quality and reliable results.

Electron Microscopy
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