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Experiences from Real Users
At TorrLube®, we're committed to enhancing performance and productivity across various industries with our high-quality lubrication solutions. The testimonials below are from our real customers who have seen significant improvements in their operations. Discover their stories and understand why TorrLube® is the preferred choice for professionals around the world.

TorrLube Product Data Sheets

Seeking in-depth information about our products? Here you'll find data sheets for all our offerings, filled with detailed specifications and performance data. Just click on the links below to view or download.

TDS: Technical Data Sheet

SDS: Safety Data Sheet

TLC Vacuum Oils



TLC 10 Oil

TLC 13 Oil

TLC 15 Oil

Vacuum Greases

High Temp Purity Grease

Linear Purity Grease

Extreme Grease

Hydrocarbon Greases

PzH Grease

Sh2 Grease


TorrLube Solvent

An Industry Leader in High-Precision Mechanical Systems
"We operate a high-precision mechanical system in an ultra high-vacuum chamber. Our system was facing serious wear issues due to metal-on-metal contact without lubrication. Since introducing TorrLube® to our moving parts, we've seen a substantial improvement in performance and a considerable increase in maintenance intervals. We're thrilled with TorrLube®, and we highly recommend it for similar critical systems."

A Reliable Solution for the Semiconductor Industry
"As an equipment engineer in the semiconductor industry for 15 years, I experienced resistance from my team in introducing TorrLube® to our vacuum system. After rigorous testing and presentation of data, the benefits of TorrLube® were undeniable. Our system availability soared by nearly 80% in a short period. TorrLube® is a game-changer."

A Trusted Choice for Specialized Semiconductor Systems
"Throughout my career in the semiconductor industry, TorrLube® has consistently proven to be a valuable asset, saving us countless hours of downtime. We're currently employing TorrLube® in a high-temperature hot plate system, and its performance has been flawless. It's a product I believe in, and for good reason."

Enhancing Precision in Vacuum Robots
"We applied TorrLube® as a bearing lubricant in our vacuum robot, and the results were outstanding. TorrLube® reduced vibration and bearing rumble, leading to more accurate movements. It stayed in place, extending the interval between services. Simply put, this stuff is exceptional."

A Reliable Lubricant for High-Vac Operations
"Our business thrives on the cleanliness of our vacuum chambers. With TorrLube®, we've seen a remarkable improvement in the cleanliness of our bearing rotation system, even after long-term usage. It's a versatile lubricant, also effective on fine threaded screws that tend to seize after several heat cycles. We plan to continue using TorrLube® as our standard high-vac lubricant."

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